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Welcome to Busby's Recycling

Toowoomba Scrap Metal

Busby’s Recycling is a local family owned and operated business. After establishing over 40 years ago Busby’s has become to be the leading scrap metal recyclers in Toowoomba. Our trucks are fitted with the right equipment to handle the collection of small or large loads.

We offer COMPETETIVE PRICES  and pay cash for all types of recyclables which includes : Copper, Brass, Batteries, Light and heavy steel, Lead, Aluminium, Alloy, Catalytic converters & Radiators, Cast iron, Plastic. We are the only scrap yard to recycle glass.
For your convenience Busby’s Recycling supplies a reliable pick up service within the
Toowoomba and surrounding areas within a 350km radius. 

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Recognized as an industry leader  

in Toowoomba scrap metal recycling

Are you working on a major project within in the Toowoomba & Darling Downs precint?  Have materials left over such as copper cabling, iron, plastic piping?



We pay cash for your scrap metal!

We accept residential recycling items from large to small domestic appliances. Most items that would normally fill your recycle bin are able to be recycled with us!

Bring to us your plastic bottles, aluminium cans and tins, glass bottles or even car parts



Competitive pricing and over 35 years’ experience. Busby Scrap Metal is a company you can trust.



We handle large industrial machinery, mobile plant, plant, trains and other rolling stock.



We can also offer the recycling of your car.  If it is not roadworthy we can easily  come to you to collect your car or drive it straight to us.