Busby's Recycling are looking for cars to recycle.  We will pay you CASH at the top scrap metal prices.  Any types of cars or utes preferrably with a motor.  Call us on 46321003 so we can help you today.

Busby's Recycling has entered 2016 with a bang, still the best Scrap Metal yard on the Darling Downs.  Here at Busby's we offer top prices for all scrap metals and batteries and I must say our blokes are probaby the best to deal with!  We pay CASH for scrap in the yard on the spot.

Of late we have had a few people say:

We have a couple of batteries lying around but not worth it to bring them in.  Believe it or not a regular car battery weighs about 15kgs so having 2 or 3, well you do the math.  Even if the trouble is not your worth how about letting your children bring them in with you and this could be a way of them earning some pocket money, I am sure $20 or $30 would be an aweful lot to them. 

We are pretty pumped about 2016, many things ahead for the team at Busby's this year.  We wish each and everyone of you a prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing you all.