Lets Scrap This Metal Thing and Let's Enjoy The Festivities

The festive season is upon us! We love this time of year not only because the fat man will be here and well to be honest our family go a little crazy (which we love); but also because it is one of Busby's Recyclings busiest times of the year.  Busby's Recycling have decided to scrap this whole metal thing and have a short break over the Christmas period.

Busby's Recycling service most of the venues in Toowoomba by collecting and recycling their glass, plastic and aluminium. So to keep the flow to you our Christmas week to say the least is exhausting.  Most of our small pick up vehicles are out and about visiting pubs and restaurants in preparation for the silly season.

We also have a very busy yard at 1 Barrabool Court with everyone bringing in their recycables for some quick cash to enjoy their festivities just that little bit more.  If you don't get a chance to come in and see the boys before we close please make sure you stock pile your recycables for when we re-open.

We wish each and everyone of you a jolly Christmas! Make sure you all stay safe and don't forget to leave a cold beer out for Santa!


Thursday 24th          8am - 12pm
Friday 25th                    CLOSED
Saturday 26th               CLOSED
Monday 28th                 CLOSED
Tuesday 29th             8am - 5pm
Wednesday 30th        8am - 5pm
Thursday 31st            8am - 3pm
Friday 1st                      CLOSED
Saturday 2nd                CLOSED