Scrap Metal Toowoomba Stainless Steel

Did you know that stainless steel or otherwise known as iron alloy is 100% recycable. Stainless steel objects rarely become waste with its resistance to corrosion, rust and high temperatures makes it highly sought after.  With the strong sustainability of this scrap metal Busby's Recycling always pay the best prices not only for stainless steel but for all scrap metals.

Whilst there is very minimul scrap metals kept within Australian stainless steel scrap most of it goes overseas to China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India with China taking out the medal and consuming approximately 800,000 tonnes of industrial scrap per year. Your stainless steel is sent to a mill along with other raw materials and blended into an electric furnace. After melting, the impurities are removed and the molten metal is refined, analysed and the molten stainless steel is then cast into slabs in preparation for production of plate, sheet, coil, wire and other forms for consumers.

Stainless steel today has many uses especially in households, like your cookware, cutlery, razor blades, jewellery, even the swiss army knife your dad carriers around.  It is also used in automotive and aerospace products and for construction material in large buildings.

Some fun facts about stainless steel:

  • the first car made of steel was introduced in 1918
  • there is a steel rod inside car doors to help protect passents in side impact accidents
  • steel can be repeatadly recycled and it will not loose any strength
  • steel food cans are the most recycled food package
  • steel hinges on refrigerators can support more than 60kgs of door weight withour sagging

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