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What Are The Differences Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Well we could give you the short answer but that would be too easy, there are alot of complexities in the scrap metal industry in which we distinguish the differences between metals. 

Ferrous metals are made up of stainless, mild and cardon steel, cast and wrought iron.  The strong durable metals that are used for construction, manufacturing cars, most tools you use.  These metals are made up of alot of carbon which are suseptable to rust.  Basically, if you see rust it is most likely a ferrous metal.  Otherwise ferrous metals have a magnetic composition, you can test your metals to see if they are magnetic and well if you magnetic sticks you have a ferrous metal.  These types of metals are the most recycled metails in the world, which means there is a high supply and high demand so scrap metal prices will usually be lower than non-ferrous metals.

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 Busby's Recycling are looking for cars to recycle.  We will pay you CASH at the top scrap metal prices.  Any types of cars or utes preferrably with a motor.  Call us on 46321003 so we can help you today.

Busby's Recycling has entered 2016 with a bang, still the best Scrap Metal yard on the Darling Downs.  Here at Busby's we offer top prices for all scrap metals and batteries and I must say our blokes are probaby the best to deal with!  We pay CASH for scrap in the yard on the spot.

Of late we have had a few people say:

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Lets Scrap This Metal Thing and Let's Enjoy The Festivities

The festive season is upon us! We love this time of year not only because the fat man will be here and well to be honest our family go a little crazy (which we love); but also because it is one of Busby's Recyclings busiest times of the year.  Busby's Recycling have decided to scrap this whole metal thing and have a short break over the Christmas period.

Busby's Recycling service most of the venues in Toowoomba by collecting and recycling their glass, plastic and aluminium. So to keep the flow to you our Christmas week to say the least is exhausting.  Most of our small pick up vehicles are out and about visiting pubs and restaurants in preparation for the silly season.

We also have a very busy yard at 1 Barrabool Court with everyone bringing in their recycables for some quick cash to enjoy their festivities just that little bit more.  If you don't get a chance to come in and see the boys before we close please make sure you stock pile your recycables for when we re-open.

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Scrap Metal Toowoomba Stainless Steel

Did you know that stainless steel or otherwise known as iron alloy is 100% recycable. Stainless steel objects rarely become waste with its resistance to corrosion, rust and high temperatures makes it highly sought after.  With the strong sustainability of this scrap metal Busby's Recycling always pay the best prices not only for stainless steel but for all scrap metals.

Whilst there is very minimul scrap metals kept within Australian stainless steel scrap most of it goes overseas to China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India with China taking out the medal and consuming approximately 800,000 tonnes of industrial scrap per year. Your stainless steel is sent to a mill along with other raw materials and blended into an electric furnace. After melting, the impurities are removed and the molten metal is refined, analysed and the molten stainless steel is then cast into slabs in preparation for production of plate, sheet, coil, wire and other forms for consumers.

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